Volleyball – June 4

Volleyball – June 4

Volleyball Rules

Key Rules & Guidelines

  • Each team will play a maximum of 6 players at a time.
  • Points will be scored on a rally system.
  • Matches are given 20-30min time slots, and are single games to 25 points.
  • Teams not available for play when a game is to begin will be penalized 1 point per minute late.
  • Teams can make as many substitutions as they want. However, the substitute player must take the position of the player that is leaving.

Additional Nitty Gritty Rules for People Who Like to Stickle

  • Each team must have a female player on the field at all times. If no female participant is present, that team will have to play with 1 less player.
  • Open hand setting of serves is allowed. Players are allowed to receive with an overhead pass.
  • There is no centerline violation (under the net) as long as the player crossing the middle does not interfere with the play. Please avoid all potentially dangerous ankle-spraining situations in attempting to play a tight ball.
  • Without antennae on the nets, extend the poles upward to determine the playable net area.
  • Open hand dinks are allowed, as long as the player is in the front row.

Bucket O' Balls

Objective: Each team member must get a ball in each bucket to complete the challenge.

How to Play: There are 4 buckets, each one several feet further than the last. Each team has a total of 5 participants, and each player starts with 4 balls. All players can throw at the same time. Once a player has successfully put one ball in each bucket, it is their responsibility to collect and return their teammates missed attempts to save time.

Scoring: This is a timed challenge, the team that completes the challenge with the fastest time places first, slowest time places last.




Team Game 1 Game 2
SVB Metromile at 12:00 500 Startups at 1:15
Metromile SVB at 12:00 Tradecraft at 1:15
MemSQL 500 Startups at 12:00 Credit Karma at 1:40
500 Startups MemSQL at 12:00 SVB at 1:15
Tradecraft Credit Karma at 12:25 Metromile at 1:15
Credit Karma Tradecraft at 1:15 MemSQL at 1:40
Rev.com GoPro at 12:25 Y Combinator at 1:40
GoPro Rev.com at 12:25 Luxe at 2:05
Vungle Y Combinator at 12:50 LinkedIn at 2:05
Y Combinator Vungle at 12:50 Rev.com at 1:40
Luxe LinkedIn at 12:50 GoPro at 2:05
LinkedIn Luxe at 12:50 Vungle at 2:05
Mixpanel Weebly at 2:30 Earnest at 3:45
Weebly Mixpanel at 2:30 Glassdoor at 3:45
Insikt Earnest at 2:30 Opower at 4:10
Earnest Insikt at 2:30 Mixpanel at 3:45
Glassdoor Opower at 2:55 Weebly at 3:45
Opower Glassdoor at 2:55 Insikt at 4:10
Square Box at 2:55 Facebook at 4:10
Box Square at 2:55 Dev Bootcamp at 4:35
Okta Facebook at 3:20 SalesforceIQ at 4:35
Facebook Okta at 3:20 Square at 4:10
Dev Bootcamp SalesforceIQ at 3:20 Box at 4:35
SalesforceIQ Dev Bootcamp at 3:20 Okta at 4:35