Ultimate Frisbee – July 16

Ultimate Frisbee – July 16

Ultimate Frisbee Rules

  • Each team plays with max 8 players at a time (min of 5)
  • Each team must have a female player on the field at all times. If no female participant is present, that team will have to play with 1 less player.
  • Games are two halves, 15 minutes each, with 5 minute halftime
  • Players may not run with the disc and must throw within 10 seconds of catching it
  • After an incomplete pass (drop, block, interception, out-of-bounds), the defensive team becomes the offensive one


Objective: Hit the ball onto the net so that the opposing team cannot return it. First team to 11 points wins! (must win by 2 pts)

How to play: 2 players per team. A team is allowed up to 3 touches to return the ball onto the net, switching possession to the opposing team. Rally continues until a team is unable to legally return the ball. Players may move as they wish during a point, so long as they don’t impede the opponents’ play on the ball.

Scoring: Rally ends and points are rewarded when:

  • Ball touches the ground, or otherwise isn’t returned to the net within 3 touches
  • Ball hits the rim (including on a serve)
  • Ball bounces back onto net or rim
  • Ball clearly rolls across net

This week’s Challenge Zone winners are going home with their very own Spikeball set! Learn more here.


Team Game 1 Game 2
SVB Dev Bootcamp at 12:00 Facebook at 1:20
Metromile Facebook at 12:00 Mixpanel at 1:20
MemSQL Luxe at 12:40 Weebly at 2:00
500 Startups Weebly at 12:40 Rev.com at 2:00
Tradecraft Mixpanel at 12:00 Dev Bootcamp at 1:20
Credit Karma GoPro at 2:40 Glassdoor at 4:00
Rev.com Box at 12:40 500 Startups at 2:00
GoPro Credit Karma at 2:40 Insikt at 4:00
Vungle Glassdoor at 2:40 Square at 4:00
Y Combinator SalesforceIQ at 3:20 Earnest at 4:40
Luxe MemSQL at 12:40 Box at 2:00
LinkedIn Okta at 3:20 SalesforceIQ at 4:40
Mixpanel Tradecraft at 12:00 Metromile at 1:20
Weebly 500 Startups at 12:40 MemSQL at 2:00
Insikt Square at 2:40 GoPro at 4:00
Earnest Opower at 3:20 Y Combinator at 4:40
Glassdoor Vungle at 2:40 Credit Karma at 4:00
Opower Earnest at 3:20 Okta at 4:40
Square Insikt at 2:40 Vungle at 4:00
Box Rev.com at 12:40 Luxe at 2:00
Okta LinkedIjn at 3:20 Opower at 4:40
Facebook Metromile at 12:00 SVB at 1:20
Dev Bootcamp SVB at 12:00 Tradecraft at 1:20
SalesforceIQ Y Combinator at 3:20 LinkedIn at 4:40