Soccer – June 25

Soccer – June 25

Soccer Rules

Summary of Rules & Guidelines

  • Each team plays with max 8 players at a time
  • Games have two halves, each half is 15 minutes, half time is 5 minutes
  • No goalies and no offsides

Nitty Gritty Rules

  • Each team must have a female player on the field at all times. If no female participant is present, that team will have to play with 1 less player.
  • No slide tackling
  • No METAL cleats (moulded are OK – shin guards are allowed but not required)
  • Substitutions happen on throw-ins, goal kicks, or goals

Musical Chairs

Objective: Be the last team sitting! OR Win the dance off between last remaining teams!

How to Play: 2 members from each team will play. 12 players will dance around 11 buckets. Once the music stops, players will rush to find a seat. Whoever is left standing is eliminated, and a “chair” removed leaving 11 participants and 10 seats. The game continues until 1 person is left sitting. Dancing is NOT optional; participants who are not dancing will be disqualified!

Scoring: The first team knocked out will place last, the last team left sitting places 1st. If the last 2 remaining players are from opposing teams, the winner will be decided by dance off. Winner will then be chosen based on their mad skills / fan applause.


Team Game 1 Game 2
SVB Credit Karma at 12:00 Earnest at 1:20
Metromile Okta at 12:00 Luxe at 1:20
MemSQL GoPro at 12:40 Opower at 2:00
500 Startups Dev Bootcamp at 12:40 Mixpanel at 2:00
Tradecraft Y Combinator at 2:40 Box at 4:00
Credit Karma SVB at 12:00 Okta at 1:20 LinkedIn at 2:40 Insikt at 4:00
GoPro MemSQL at 12:40 Dev Bootcamp at 2:00
Vungle Weebly at 3:20 SalesforceIQ at 4:40
Y Combinator Tradecraft at 2:40 LinkedIn at 4:00
Luxe Earnest at 12:00 Metromile at 1:20
LinkedIn at 2:40 Y Combinator at 4:00
Mixpanel Opower at 12:40 500 Startups at 2:00
Weebly Vungle at 3:20 Facebook at 4:40
Insikt Box at 2:40 at 4:00
Earnest Luxe at 12:00 SVB at 1:20
Glassdoor Facebook at 3:20 Square at 4:40
Opower Mixpanel at 12:40 MemSQL at 2:00
Square SalesforceIQ at 3:20 Glassdoor at 4:40
Box Insikt at 2:40 Tradecraft at 4:00
Okta Metromile at 12:00 Credit Karma at 1:20
Facebook Glassdoor at 3:20 Weebly at 4:40
Dev Bootcamp 500 Startups at 12:40 GoPro at 2:00
SalesforceIQ Square at 3:20 Vungle at 4:40