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Challenge Zone

  • How are Challenge Zone games scored?
    Challenge Zone points are based on your team's overall performance at all mini-games. Each team is ranked within their cohort based on their schedule of games for that week. The 2 highest ranking teams in each cohort score 4 points and the next 2 teams score 2 points.
  • Will the Challenge Zone impact the overall standings?
    Yep. The team with the most Fan Zone points in each location at the end of the week will earn the equivalent of an extra win for their team.
  • What is the Challenge Zone?
    It's our excuse to watch you all play awesomely ridiculous mini-games, and an opportunity for teams to score some extra points. Each week there will be a challenging individual or group activity ranging from Tug of war, Duck Duck Goose, to even a cash grab machine. Teams get the chance to win points in between games, all players (and fans!) are encouraged to participate.


  • Anything else I should know?
    Yes -- a few more things. First, we have a zero tolerance policy towards fighting. If that's your style then please don't play. One incident will result in a lifetime ban from the Silicon Valley Sports League, and your team will be forced to forfeit that week's games. Also, we are strongly opposed to steroids -- not so much from a fairness perspective, but mostly because of the side effects. Some of those are seriously gross.
  • Will there be food?
    We'll keep you hydrated, you're welcome to bring any snacks.
  • Is drinking allowed?
    No. Any player that is noticeably intoxicated will not be allowed to play.
  • Are cleats allowed on the field?
    No. It's not that we don't appreciate additional traction -- you know how we in Silicon Valley love traction -- we just don't want additional scars on people's bodies. Injury rates are dramatically higher in sports leagues that allow cleats. Remember, this is supposed to be competitive but fun.


  • When are the games?
    All regular season games are played on Saturdays between 12:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. That being said, each team will only be scheduled to be there for around two hours per week. Two half hour to forty five minute games with a short break between games.   The schedule for the Championship will be announced the week before the big day.
  • Where are the games played?
    Palo Alto games are played at Mitchell Park (600 E Meadow Dr., Palo Alto, CA 94036).   San Francisco games are played at St. Ignatius College Preparatory (2001 37th Ave., San Francisco, CA 94116).
  • Am I expected to play every week?
    No.  A vast majority of people don't. You can play as much or as little as you'd like. Last season the average player participated in four out of the eight sports.

Scoring & Standings

  • Who will get to play at AT&T Park during the Championship week?
    Everyone will be invited, but only the top twelve teams from each location will compete for the championship.
  • How will the scoring work?
    Pretty simple: four points for a win, two for a tie and none for a loss.


  • Are men allowed to play?
    Yes. This is co-ed league. That being said, men can never be the only sex on the field for your team. If they are then you'll have to play with one less player during that game.
  • Who can be on our team?
    That is a tougher question. This is a corporate league, so it's tempting to say that everybody should have a company email address -- but is that really fair? How many employees does Lyft even have? We're not sure, but we bet it's a lot less than the 50,000+ that Google has. So, our official policy is that everyone on your team should either be a founder, board member, employee, contractor or significant other. VC funds, incubators and coworking spaces are also allowed to pull from their portfolio of companies.   That being said, we don't want to hear about any well-funded startups spending their hard-earned investor money hiring ringers as "consultants." Unless they're really cool consultants like Brian Wilson, Colin Kaepernick or Rashad Jennings -- then just make sure you introduce us.
  • How many people can be on our team?
    We'll answer a different question: Six to ten players will be on the field at any given time (depending on the sport). IF you want to use the same people for every game then that's fine with us. If you never want to play the same person twice -- well then that's ok too. Just make sure everybody has a team shirt.