Kickball – July 9

Kickball – July 9

Kickball Rules

Summary of Rules & Guidelines

  • Each team plays with max 8 players at a time (minimum of 6)
  • Games are 6 innings or 35 minutes, whichever comes sooner
  • Each team will self-pitch (you pitch to your own team)
  • Each kicker gets 3 kicks to put the ball in play or they are out, and there are 3 outs per inning
  • Runners are out if the ball is caught on the fly, if they are forced out, or when they are tagged by the ball (shoulder or below)

Nitty Gritty Rules

  • Each team must have a female player on the field at all times. If no female participant is present, that team will have to play with 1 less player.
  • Bunting is not allowed
  • No lead-offs or base stealing
  • No ghost runners
  • Mercy Rule – There is a 6 run cap on each of the first 4 innings. The game will end if a team is 12+ runs up after 4 complete innings or 10+ runs up after 5 complete innings.

Branded Buckets

Objective: Find the winning shirt in less than 90 seconds.

How to Play: One representative from each team has 90 seconds to find one out of four winning tshirts in the buckets. The trick: your poker face! Don’t let the other teams know if you’ve found one of the winning shirts!

Scoring: There are four winning shirts total. Two worth four points each, and two worth two points each.


Team Game 1 Game 2
SVB GoPro at 12:00 Insikt at 1:20
Metromile Earnest at 12:40 Glassdoor at 2:00
MemSQL Glassdoor at 12:40 Square at 2:00
500 Startups Box at 2:40 Okta at 4:00
Tradecraft Square at 12:40 Earnest at 2:00
Credit Karma Insikt at 12:00 Facebook at 1:20 Okta at 2:40 Dev Bootcamp at 4:00
GoPro SVB at 12:00 Mixpanel at 1:20
Vungle Dev Bootcamp at 2:40 Box at 4:00
Y Combinator Luxe at 3:20 Opower at 4:40
Luxe Y Combinator at 3:20 SalesforceIQ at 4:40
LinkedIn Opower at 3:20 Weebly at 4:40
Mixpanel Facebook at 12:00 GoPro at 1:20
Weebly SalesforceIQ at 3:20 LinkedIn at 4:40
Insikt Credit Karma at 12:00 SVB at 1:20
Earnest Metromile at 12:40 Tradecraft at 2:00
Glassdoor MemSQL at 12:40 Metromile at 2:00
Opower LinkedIn at 3:20 Y Combinator at 4:40
Square Tradecraft at 12:40 MemSQL at 2:00
Box 500 Startups at 2:40 Vungle at 4:00
Okta at 2:40 500 Startups at 4:00
Facebook Mixpanel at 12:00 Credit Karma at 1:20
Dev Bootcamp Vungle at 2:40 at 4:00
SalesforceIQ Weebly at 3:20 Luxe at 4:40