Flag Football – June 11

Flag Football – June 11

Flag Football Rules

Summary of Rules & Guidelines

  • Each team plays with max 8 players at a time (minimum of 5)
  • There are 2 12-minute halves, with a 5-minute halftime
  • Matches are played on half-sized fields
  • Offense has 6 plays to score
  • Touchdown = 6 points, Extra Point from 3 yardline = 1 point, from 10 yardline = 2 points
  • All play action penalties are 10 yards, all procedural penalties are 5 yards
  • NO METALLIC CLEATS ALLOWED (molds are cool)

Nitty Gritty Rules

  • Each team must have a female player on the field at all times. If no female participant is present, that team will have to play with 1 less player.
  • Flag belt must be worn. If belt falls off, a runner is considered down and a receiver is considered ineligible.
  • Two points for a safety, which results when an offensive player loses their flag in their endzone
  • Except for the roll of a kickoff or punt, the ball becomes dead anytime it touches the ground: fumble, bad snap from center, incomplete forward or lateral pass.
  • A runner is down anytime her/his knees touch the ground.
  • The defensive rushers must wait 3 seconds before rushing the quarterback. Referee raises his/her hand to signal 3 second count has ended.
  • All play action violations will be penalized ten (10) yards from the line of scrimmage or the ball will be placed at the point of the infraction whichever distance is greater. Play action violations include but are not limited to illegal blocking, tripping, illegal use of hands, pass interference and unnecessary roughness.
  • All procedure violations will be penalized five (5) yards from the line of scrimmage. Procedure violations include but are not limited to illegal formation, offsides, and too many players on the field.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct toward an official or opposing team will result in a fifteen (15) yard penalty and expulsion from the game. Repeated violations of a rule by a player or team may result in disqualification of the player or team.

Tug of War

  • Objective: Pull your opponents team’s flag across the neutral zone, and you win.
  • How to Play: Max of 8 players per side. Teams pull the rope tight and align their flags (tied to the rope) with the cones marking the neutral zone on the ground. When the ref blows the whistle both teams begin to pull as hard as possible.
  • Scoring: This is a double elimination tournament. Rankings will be determined by number of team wins. If two teams are tied for a position, a sudden death match will decide the victor.


Team Game 1 Game 2
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