Keeper is a dating and matchmaking app where friends help friends find better matches.

We believe that friends have a sixth sense. They understand who we are and what we’re looking for in a partner. And we believe that there are people interested in dating apps because they’re genuinely trying to meet someone. Shocking, we know.

1. Vouch.
No self-promotion. Your profile is made of short vouches from your friends. Personal, genuine vouches tell us who you really are and helps you stand out on Keeper.

2. Matchmake.
Friends get to play matchmaker by filtering through profiles and sending them to your queue. We’ll also send a limited number of suggested matches every day.

3. Find a Keeper.
Get to know the people in your queue by the quality and quantity of their vouches. Read and see why your friends think they’d be a great match. If you like what you see, set a date and find out why they’re a Keeper.